We are a group of people who were individually working in various ways to spread a greater understanding of what the Vedic culture and philosophy is and what it has to offer. We have been doing this for years separately but have now joined together. We also invite everyone else to join us to do the same--to act in ways to preserve, protect and share the universal Dharma with all others. 


The Vedic Friends Association

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          These articles by our leaders are

a culmination of scientific research, spirituality and knowledge.

About Vedic Prophecies

is the interesting Foreword by Bhaktitirtha Swami Krishnapada from The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future. He discusses the importance of the Vedic predictions and compares them to other prophecies from cultures around the world. 

Absolute Truth: What or Who is It

is the interesting Foreword by Bhaktitirtha Swami Krishnapada from The Vedic Prophecies: A New Look into the Future. He discusses the importance of the Vedic predictions and compares them to other prophecies from cultures around the world 

A Call to be Vedic Ambassadors

This article explains that in this age, when there is a concern for preserving, protecting and disseminating Vedic culture and its vast knowledge on all aspects of life, there is a great need for those who follow Sanatana-Dharma or Hinduism to be Vedic Ambassadors, or those who can fairly and accurately represent the Dharma, and how you can help.

Curing Depression with Spirituality

is an important overview of various causes of depression and suicidal tendencies, and gives a number of ways in which spiritual development can help a person overcome and rise above this problem.

Beyond Vegetarianism

shows how we become free from the karma of using plants in food preparations, and how the plants used in the preparations also make spiritual progress by offering them first to the Lord to become Prasadam, which becomes the perfect yoga diet without karma that helps spiritualize our consciousness.

Consciousness: The Symptom of the Soul

 is an excerpt from "The Secret Teachings of the Vedas" and shows by describing scientific experiments how consciousness interacts with but is separate from the body, and is the source of our will to do anything. In fact, it is a way of perceiving how the soul is our real identity, different from the physical form in which we reside. 

About the name "Hindu"

is an excerpt from Proof of Vedic Culture's Global Existence. It explains the origin of the name "Hindu." Although many people feel the name represents the overall religion of India, it is not actually related to the true Vedic culture, nor is it a Sanskrit word, and, thus, fails to represent the many distinctions of the real Indian philosophies. 

Can Vedic Dharma Bring Peace to the World?

describes how the Vedic principles and knowledge are meant to bring contentment and peace to the individual, and then to the world in the most practical way.

Great Indians who did great things

Here are some short reviews of some of the great, ancient Indian masters who made great contributions to world development.

A Reason Why I Am Determined to Spread Spiritual Knowledge

This is a touching article about a serious incident that happened in South Africa that shows one of the reasons why I feel the world is in a state of emergency and desperately in need of deep spiritual understanding, and why I feel compelled to help spread it.  

Economics according to Dharmic Ways

explains the difference in an economical system according to the Vedic standards and the modern tendency for power, control and manipulation.

How the Sciences Faded from India

gives a description of the forces from both within and outside India that were trying to denigrate, demean and extinguish any respect for its sophistication, especially of the ancient Vedic tradition which had previously given so much to humanity, especially through the manipulation of its educational system.

The Importance of Cow in Vedic Culture

by Subramanian Swami explains the significance of the cow in the Vedic tradition, why it is so special and should be protected, and how it can offer many health benefits that we may have forgotten.

The Karma of the Nation

explains how a whole country acquires karma and reactions to the activities that the general populace performs. 

Karma What is it?

provides a short, concise explanation of what is karma. Prepared for distribution in a brochure format to introduce the topic based on Vedic knowledge.

A New Species of Humanity

is an excerpt from The Vedic Prophecies. This explains, in part, about the importance of the spiritual advantage that is found in the Golden Era of the Age of Kali, that is predicted to last for 10,000 years, which will bring about a new world consciousness. Many more details are in the book.

An Alien's View of Life on Earth

 is a special article that explains Stephen's reasons for never having been too comfortable on this human level of existence, and gives a different perspective on the peculiarities of what living on this planet and in a human body can be like, and why it may be better to move on. 

Becoming a Hindu or Devotee is Easy

clears some of the confusion about how a person can start the path of Hinduism or being a devotee. It is not as difficult as some people think, nor does it require any sort of ritual to make it official. All it takes is understanding and accepting the Vedic principles and applying them to one's life. This article explains how to begin.