Join this movement! Let us serve to Preserve & Disseminate Vedic Knowledge. Let the Spiritual treasures in Vedas reach all those who are thirsty for Knowledge. Let us hope to see Sanatana Dharma thrive in the world. Let this movement lead us in our journey towards the Infinite. The Vedic Friends Association invites everyone to participate with our network and gain access to new friends and contacts of a similar mind and interest. If you are spiritually inclined and looking for a deeper understanding of life, the universe, or your real identity and relation with the Supreme, then the VFA will be something of which you will want to be a part. If you are interested in studying the Vedic sciences or the history of Vedic culture, then the VFA can help provide you with assistance in this way. Feel free to read the pages of this website and get a better understanding of the purpose of the VFA and how you may benefit by adding yourself to this association. Then be sure to contact us for further participation. There is much that we hope to offer you, please follow below direction:

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  • To disseminate Vedic Knowledge we distribute "VFA Journal" publications at free of cost. You could sponsor the printing cost of any publication of your choice to help us spread Vedic Knowledge. Or you can help us distribute these booklets in your city/town.

  • Please join in the events we host to experience our leaders contribution to the Vedic Science and their speeches.​

  • Also please share information about our organization with your friends