We are a group of people who were individually working in various ways to spread a greater understanding of what the Vedic culture and philosophy is and what it has to offer. We have been doing this for years separately but have now joined together. We also invite everyone else to join us to do the same--to act in ways to preserve, protect and share the universal Dharma with all others. 


The Vedic Friends Association

Atlanta, GA  - U.S.A.

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E:  info@vedicfriendsassociation.org

                                                    A Personal Invitation to Join the Vedic Friends Association


Dear Friend,


This is to personally introduce you to a new and exciting association and to invite you to be a member and participate in it. It is called the Vedic Friends Association (VFA). Within this association we want to cater to the needs of the individual and bring to everyone the adventure and freedom of finding oneself to the fullest extent. We want to help bring forth new realms of inner exploration and awareness, which paves the way for personal happiness and higher self-worth, along with the possibility of unique individual development and collective social change for a better world.

Our expanding team of writers, researchers and practitioners have found that the knowledge that may be most capable of providing such deep insights into the spiritual, social and scientific aspects of life is not something new, but may only require a new look at it. This is the Vedic culture and its philosophy, and what it offers humanity. It is the oldest living culture on the planet and has provided people with many of the deepest and most profound insights into the purpose of our existence for many thousands of years. So it is our intent to give every member the freedom to unreservedly follow their inquisitiveness into what Vedic culture can provide and how it can enhance their life.

We are non-sectarian and are not in competition with any other organization or culture. We look toward making strong, cooperative ties amongst a broad range of people with similar interests for concerted efforts of teamwork, participation and support for helping elaborate the universal truths in Vedic knowledge. Such an association means a stronger voice and more effective and all-inclusive strategies for the upliftment of everyone. We don't want to exclude anyone. We feel that everyone can benefit from this association and by understanding the deep insights within Vedic knowledge.

Therefore, anyone from any background or level of curiosity is welcome to join. We are also looking for people who are writers, lecturers, those who can make presentations, or who want to be pro-active in helping develop ideas for bringing this Vedic knowledge to mainstream society.

It has much more information about the VFA family, including our mission statement, which I am sure will interest you. You can also find a growing list of writers and lecturers who are joining our endeavors. You can let us know of your consideration by visiting the VFA web site and fill out and send us one of the membership forms to join us.

We have already produced our own book from contributions from our network of writers and Vedic practitioners who are VFA members. The book is called "Vedic Culture: The Difference it can Make in Your Life", which is fully described on our website. We have also produced our Vedic Ambassador Study Course so a person can receive a certificate of recognition for their studies in the basics of Hinduism and the Vedic tradition. We also have regular conferences open to all members where various levels of research are presented on different aspects of Vedic Culture and issues regarding India. We also have an email newsgroup and a monthly journal to share our ideas and information within the VFA family.

Essentially, we want to help preserve, protect and expand the genuine knowledge of Vedic culture and provide the means to network with those individuals or organizations who want to do the same. The VFA aims to help bring such people together to work more effectively in a mood of cooperation and increased understanding. We are also introducing this knowledge and spiritual awareness to others who are simply interested to learn more about it or are looking for answers to the mysteries of life.

Also, if you know of any other people who would be interested in this, please pass this invitation along to them, or inform them of the VFA web site and tell them to contact us. This is just the beginning and there is a lot that will gradually be developed. Hoping that this meets you well and that we will hear from you soon.

With Best Regards,

Vedic Friends Association