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Ongoing Worldwide VFA Talks
Please join us and hear from the masters of yoga on the tools for human Empowerment.

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•VFA at Sewa International Holi 2019 @ Atlanta, USA

•VFA at Decatur Book Festival 2019 @ Atlanta, USA

•VFA at World Hindu Congress 2018 @ Chicago, USA

•VFA Annual conference 2017 @ Atlanta, USA

•VFA Speakers tour 2009 @ Mumbai, India

•VFA Mexico conference 2007 @ Coahuila, Mexico

•VFA at Dharma Summit 2005 @ New Jersey, USA

•VFA at Global Hinduism in New Millennium 2004 @ Hyderabad, India

•VFA Annual conference 2004 @ Pennsylvania, USA

•VFA at Global Dharma Conference 2003 @ New Jersey, USA

•VFA at Tribal Conference 2002 @ Assam, India