Sharing the universal Dharma

i.e. Vedic Hindu Yoga Dharma

•Non Profit Organization with 501C3 and tax exempt status

•Cultural organization based on Socio-Spiritual-Scientific understanding

•Founded by Stephen Knapp, David Frawley and Jeffery Armstrong

•Established in 2002, on Dussehra day, at Detroit Michigan USA

•Currently led by Benny Tillman, with HQ in Atlanta Georgia USA

•Bhagawad Gita is the basis along with other Vedic scriptures

•The essence is Always Being Conscious of Dharma

•Accept and Respect all Vedic traditions and paths

•Open to all, with focus on Yoga Practitioners and Vedic Followers

•No membership fees, it runs on generous donations from patrons

•Members volunteer their time and energy

•Open door policy, where all ideas are welcomed

•Not involved in any type of political activism

•Those interested to join, please get in touch with us