Coming soon in 2019....

Vedic Friends Association (VFA) is honored to host a signature event in Atlanta. Please come join and participate in this spectacular event, where renowned delegates enlighten us and discuss on the topic of


 "Science, Spirituality and Vendata in Modern Day Life"

This is a day long event starting with:

Asthanga Yoga (8 - 10am) 

 The path of being. The yoga of meditation and all its allied disciplines.

In essence, Vedanta says: Here are the paths to self-realization and enlightenment, each.

Gyana Yoga (10 - 3pm)

 The path of thinking. This is the yoga of intellectual understanding and science; using the intellect to go beyond the intellect.

Karma Yoga (12 - 1pm)

The path of action. The yoga of selfless service, or service without attachment to the result or need for ego gratification.

Bhakti Yoga (5 - 7pm)

 The path of feeling. This is the yoga of love in a human relationship or love for God; the relationship of the human soul to the universal spirit in all its aspects.​

Key Delegates and Panelists:

Pandit Vamadeva Shastri


Sri Srinanandan Das

- Speaker

kavindra- image008.jpg

Sri Kavindra Maharishi


Sri Balabhadra Bhattacarya Dasa

- Moderator

WHEN:  Date TBD (August 2019)


   WHERE: Atlanta, GA (Specific Location TBD)