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Vedic Friends Association Inc., Sharing the Universal Dharma....

VFA at World Hindu Congress 2018 @ Chicago Sept 7-9th 

The word Veda is derived from the root word, “vid” meaning to know. Thus, Veda means knowledge. According to the tradition, the Vedas were composed by several seers under inspiration. Hence, they are not manmade (apaurusheya), but the heard ones (sruti). Ever since they were composed, the Vedas have remained pure, and free from distortions.

"Humans should always speak truth and should be committed towards it. Such a person is always immortal." - Rig Veda

"Do not be led by others, awaken your own mind, amass your own experience, and decide for yourself your own path." -Atharva Veda

"We should take inspiration from the sun and work constantly for the benefit of mankind, so that peace and prosperity prevails everywhere." -Sama Veda   

Sharing Universal Dharma

    Vedic culture is the world’s most ancient and largest, continuous spiritual tradition. It is the most globally powerful indigenous civilization left on Earth, still practiced by over a billion people. The Vedic tradition is based on Universal Truths of Dharma or natural laws that are applicable for anyone, at any time in history and anywhere in the world. 

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We are a group of people who were individually working in various ways to spread a greater understanding of what the Vedic culture and philosophy is and what it has to offer. We have been doing this for years separately but have now joined together. We also invite everyone else to join us to do the same--to act in ways to preserve, protect and share the universal Dharma with all others. 


The Vedic Friends Association

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