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As per Vedic understanding serving humanity is serving Bhagavan (GOD) and vice versa. Serving is the inherent nature of the Atman (Soul) and the very essence of humanity

Serving the needy gives true happiness and the best form of service is spiritual awakening, which is the source of everything else in the universe


We have three categories of services in VFA.

Vedic Educational programs

We emphasize on Empowerment and Enlightenment, through the four forms of Yoga, which are Jyana yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga.


Few are listed:

​1. Youth Counseling

2. Periodic Conferences

3. Scholars Collaboration

4. Specialist Consultation

5. Students Boot camp

6. Leadership Training

7. Volunteer Orientation

8. Speaker's Talk


We facilitate people to Experience the Exciting dharmic culture through Food, Dance, Music, Song and Dressing.


Few are listed:

​1. Holi

2. Janmasthami

3. Deepavali

4. Gita Jayanti

Vedic Social Outreach

We would like to express Empathy and Compassion by providing services to the underserved communities.


Few are listed:

1. Food - Fruit bags / Meal packs

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas

2. Clothing - New / Old

3. Housing - Repairs / Refurbishing

4. Gadgets - Computers / Phones

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